ALS and Morphine

A 51 year – old woman who is profusely diaphoretic and hypertensive reports crushing substernal chest pain and severe shortness of breath. She has a history of hypertension. She chewed 2 low – dose aspirins at home and is now receiving oxygen in the ambulance. Which treatment is appropriate?:

a) Morphine and then nitroglycerin, but only if morphine fails to relieve the pain: TRUE / FALSE.

b) Nitroglycerin and then morphine, but only if ST elevation is > 2 mm and no contraindications exist: TRUE / FALSE.

c) Nitroglycerin and then morphine, but only if nitroglycerin fails to relieve the pain and no contraindications exist: TRUE / FALSE.

d) Nitroglycerin only because chronic hypertension is a contraindication for morphine: TRUE / FALSE.

ALS – Chest pain

You are the clerking nurse in the Emergency Department when a 52 year old gentleman presents with crushing chest pain. He states that is the worse pain in his life. Blood pressure is 110/58 mmHg and O2 Sat 93%. You gain IV access and connect to the monitor. Which of the following statements are correct?: