Created by a multidisciplinary team (doctors, nurses, students, etc) with the intention of helping other colleagues in the preparation for the ALS Final exam.

Commented Final ALS MCQ exams

These exams have been elaborated based on the questions asked in the MCQ Final exam which is taken at the end of the ALS course. We do not intend to copy or vulnerate any copyright from the official site (https://www.resus.org.uk), and we apologise in advance if the questions look very similar. The commentaries to the answers for the MCQ have been reviewed based on the Resuscitation Council Guidelines, as well as, with the European Guidelines and UpToDate resources (https://www.uptodate.com).

Affordable ALS MCQ membership.

We have stablished a minimum price membership (basic subscription) to cover admin and maintenance expenses, because we intend to provide an universal learning tool that at the end, will contribute to save lifes.