ALS death

In the diagnosis of death:

A) After a cardiorespiratory arrest, death can be diagnosed without attempting to auscultate heart sounds: TRUE / FALSE.

B) Irreversible cardiorespiratory arrest can be concluded after a minimum of 5 minutes of observation: TRUE / FALSE.

C) CPR should never be started in recognition of life extinct (ROLE) situations: TRUE / FALSE.

D) Brainstem death testing should be performed with core temperature greater than 34ºC and potassium > 3 mmol/l: TRUE / FALSE.

Advance decisions in ALS

Which of the following statements about advance decisions is/are correct?

a) They do not need to be in writing unless they relate to end of life treatment decisions.

b) Advance decisions are not valid if made by persons under the age of 18 years.

c) Advance decisions must be signed and witnessed as a deed.

d) An advance decision is not applicable to the treatment in question if that treatment is not the treatment specified in the advance decision.