ALS Capacity

A North East Ambulance Service attends an emergency call of a 95 year – old lady complaining of chest pain. On arrival to the house the patient is in bed, awake, pale with HR 30 bpm, RR 15 bpm and BP 67/46 mmHg. She says that she was a nurse, knows about DNACPR (do not attempt cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and would like not to be taken to hospital or being resuscitated. You wonder if she has capacity. To have capacity to take a healthcare decision, a patient must be able to:

A. Understand information relevant to the decision being made: TRUE / FALSE.

B. Score 12 or above on the Glasgow Coma Scale or 25 or above on the mini mental state exam: TRUE / FALSE.

C. Communicate their decisions either verbally or non – verbally: TRUE / FALSE.

D. Depend on family for Next of Kin to make the decision on their behalf: TRUE / FALSE.

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