AV block post – STEMI


A 61 year old woman is brought by ambulance after crushing central chest pain with radiaton to her left arm and ST elevation.  On admission she presents a cardiac arrest with an initial rhythm of pulseless electrical activity, but after adrenaline 1 mg IV she  shows signs of life and CPR is stopped.  She is now unresponsive with a heart rate of 38 bpm and complete heart block on the ECG.  Her blood pressure is 62/35 mmHg and O2 Sat 98% on 15 l O2 mask.  Which of the following statements is correct?:
a) The right coronary artery is the most likely artery affected.
b) Isoprenaline infusion would be indicated.
c) Atropine 1 mg IV should be administered repeatedly up to 3 mg until heart rate is restored.
d) Primary angioplasty is indicated.

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