ALS – Respiratory Arrest

You are nursing a recent admission of a 70 year old patient with severe COPD in the intensive care unit. She presented to the emergency department with shortness of breath. The decision was made to intubate her and the doctor was paged. She suddenly gasps a few times and stops breathing. You observe that she remains in sinus tachycardia in the monitor and you could feel a reasonable strong radial pulse. She is unresponsive. Which of the following steps are correct?:

A.- Call of assistance, place the patient supine, open airway and begin ventilation: TRU/FALSE.

B.- This patient is in respiratory arest, but with palpable pulse, hence she should be ventilated at 14 times per minute: TRU/FALSE.

C.- Although you are managing to ventilate the patient, it is recommended to ventilate her by 2 people: TRU/FALSE.

D.- Her airway should be maintained using the jaw thrust manoeuvre: TRU/FALSE.

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